Challenge #02617-G060: Bonding Through Irritation

The humans teach some havenworlders how to play an infamous board game known as monopoly. -- Anon Guest

Competition is innate in Humans. Without some form of competition in their lives or society, Humans tend to... wither. A society without competition goes retrograde. A Human without competition becomes bored. There are few forces in the universe more destructive than a bored Human.

Fortunately for Havenworlders, Humans tend to bring along entertainment. This may be some kind of survival instinct at work or even a protective one. Human protective instincts are renowned for being very strong indeed. Full analysis must await cogniscents who are immune to infection by Human Insanity.

Nevertheless, always be wary of the ones who bring along tabletop games. There are three kinds of those. The ones that take two to five years to play, the ones that are ludicrously complicated and difficult to understand, and the ones that seem engineered to create animosity. Of the last category, the game known as Monopoly is the worst.

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