So Sideways...

Harvesting and feeding the sourdough takes me some time, and I really should be blogging about it all. The problem was where to put it. Instagram has turned into phone-only nonsense and putting a recipe up there is not my best way to waste time.

I briefly entertained using somewhere like Squarespace, but I think they cost money.

However, I also have an alternate Steemit account [which reveals more about me than I want known here] so the entire sourdough experiment will be happening over there.

Today, I tried making pancakes with the sourdough harvest and a few little extras.

Those extras were:

  • Oregano [about a tablespoon]
  • Shredded cheese [one three-finger pinch]
  • Peanut paste [generous teaspoon]

And in the case of the almond flour starter:

  • One generously heaped teaspoon of pancake protein powder.

Results were appealing enough for Miss Chaos to think better of the entire thing, and I think they were fairly okay as well.

Note for future experiments: Almond starter NEEDS one egg minimum as it is very dry and very crumbly.

I have Patreon nonsense, the alternate Steem to feed with progress on my sourdoughs, and the Instant to write. Yeesh.

WHY do I keep giving myself more projects?