Challenge #02615-G058: Useless? Never Heard of It

those odd coins in the bottom of your pocket or bag. Putting them to good use. -- Anon Guest

As a member of the Loyal Order of Hitchhikers, it is prudent to clean out one's bags regularly. Especially the bags one uses for currency. As one makes one's way through several cultures and territories, one accumulates small change like a piece of sticky tape accumulates lint. This is most important as weight limits can prevent further travel and some coin weighs more than others.

This important and vital information had just occurred to Human Zer as they and their essentials were being weighed in the balance and found excessive. "How many Siwus[1] over?"

"Six," said the captain. "I can't spare the fuel to take you. You're going to have to shed the unimportant stuff. I'm sorry." They were. They were one of the freight haulers who knew the ways and the usefulness of Hitchhikers. It paid to know a Frood[2] who knew where their towel was. "I can delay a day. After that... You have to find another lift."

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