Experiments underway!

I got some sourdough starters incubating on my kitchen countertop. One with almond meal, two with wholemeal. One is later going to use bread flour, the other is using wholemeal flour.

I might get a fourth jar to try the protein flour on one of the halved starters. I don't think sourdough is going to do well on protein though. Beloved suggested and... It could be worth a shot.

I'll be blogging about this here, I think. I don't think Wordpress needs to know about my sourdough. I've enough to do over there with the 52 rejections project.

Why do I keep giving myself more to do?

OTOH once I know what I'm doing with Sourdough, I have healthier bread for myself and my fam.

I also have Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season happening for me, so that's just extra angst juice in my life. Playing the wonderful alleged game of Is This My Asthma Or Is It COVID-19 Somehow Despite The Fact That There Are Zero Infection Vectors.


Today, I hope to get the Instant done before I have to trek all the way over to mountainous terrain to meet with fam and share a luncheon and gossip. As you do.

Monday, I feed my sourdough starters with their relevant stuffs. Hopefully Tuesday, I begin the 52 rejections project in earnest. Fingers crossed.