SIDEWAYS! As per normal...

I began my experimental sourdough starters on Saturday and had a "harvest" this morning of sourdough leftovers.

I say "leftovers" because part of the sourdough starter brewing process is halving the starter and getting rid of one half. You should know by now that I hate wasting stuff, so I considered myself blessed when I found out that there are several ways to cook and eat that.

One dude fries it up with fresh herbs and stuff on top and uses the resultant 'pancake' as a snack. I'll henceforth be calling it "harvest" because that way it feels like winning.

I invented Sourdough Keto Protein Pancakes, which is a "feel it by heart" recipe and will definitely tolerate modification as time goes by.

You will need:

  • Sourdough starter to harvest [before you feed it, take half away]
  • At least one mixing bowl
  • Measuring cup(s) of choice
  • Mixing utensil
  • Frying-type cooking utensil/handy heat source


  • Sourdough harvest
  • 1/2 cup protein pancake flour [if you can't find it, protein powder will do, or just use your favourite flour substitute]
  • A generous dollop of cream [feel it with your heart]
  • 1 egg
  • A very generous handful of shredded cheese [pick your fave!]
  • Herbs and spices to taste, but definitely salt [As a side-note, this only enhances the smell, not the flavour. YMMV depending on how fresh the herbs/spices are and the amount you use]
  • Milk or milk substitute of choice [feel it with your heart] henceforth referred to as "milk".

I used coconut cream for mine because I've yet to visit Costco and acquire more coconut milk. Things have been a smidge hectic. Onwards to the method:

  • Pile everything into a bowl, sifting as necessary, except for the "milk"
  • Mix as best you can, pausing to scrape the utensil or bowl as needed
  • If way too stiff, dribble in your "milk" until the mixture is dough-like but still moist
  • Allow to sit whilst you heat up your frying surface(s)
  • You may think it necessary to add a dribble more "milk" if your dough has dried out
  • Dollop onto your hot frying surface and cook on both sides.

I used a sandwich press and had it heated to 210 Celsius, cooking for six minutes.

The results, according to chaos, are "meh" so I'd advise coating it with some nice toppings like sour cream, cream cheese, peanut paste, or maybe using it to soak up the jus the next time you do a roast.

Protein flours are very dry, so I am doing all I can to help moisten the final product, which is why I chucked cheese in there. YMMV depending on the flour you use. I will definitely be using more cream in the next batch.

Yields lots. Don't be shy about sharing.