Challenge #02580-G023: Just One

Human Bear was sitting on the ramp of his Bodge Job repairing a few new holes on one of the arms of his Live Suit courtesy of a particularly aggressive Predator on the planet they just left. When one of the Crew the creature thought looked like a tasty meal walked into the hanger to express this thanks, Stopped in his tracks at a human not sealed in his Protective Suit. He also noticed a very large very ugly looking scar that covered most of his upper Back.

Excitedly the Afro'ad asked about the Scar thinking he would get to hear another one of Human Bear's Big Adventures. To his surprise the signature smile disappeared and a face the little creature had never seen before took its place.

"Some of my Stories don't have Happy Endings, Little-one." He said "You sure you want to hear it?" -- Anon Guest

[AN: Harkens back to this thing ]

It's not always the Deathworlders you gotta keep an eye on, Bear began, meditatively twiddling with his patched and repaired livesuit. Hell, even the frailest Havenworlders can pack the right kind'a punch if they have strategy. Not every planet has compatible enzymes and all. People like me? We go around thinking we're indestructible.

No, it wasn't Havenworlders like you. These were just... regular-ass citizens. Like anyone else in the Alliance. It was a disaster. Not a war. It was... it was an accident. Bear closed his eyes, as if fortifying himself against the muggers waiting in Memory Lane. Caught everyone by surprise. It was supposed to be a holiday.

I don't think anyone knew the place was tectonically active. One of those little fly-by-night construction places. Instant resort, just add visitors, you know? Looks pretty, everything's... well... functional. If nothing bad happens, nothing worse happens. They're more all over the place than you might think. Ten minute scan versus in-depth analysis, you know? It's legal, still, but it's getting less legal, thank the Powers.

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