I'm Shorn

I got sick of the outside temperature and its effect on my bod, so I shaved a metric cat's worth of hair off'a my head.

I mean, serious. This lot of shaved hair could make an entire cat:

[Shown here: A clump of hair on some grass. There is definitely enough there to make a cat]

Coming soon to an ill-researched cryptid blog near you ;)

Anyway, the time is approaching when I should see Chaos off to school and get some moneys for this week... and I have to confess I splurged on some dice. A pack of five 19mm D6's [that's the cube one] for character creation shenanigans, and two decaders to fill out my "junk dice" sets.

For those not in the know, the decaders are the D10's [10-sided die] that have the naughts on them. Numbers go up in tens from 00 to 90. Essential when rolling percentages.

I needed these for reasons. Obsession, mostly.

Yeah, I continue down the rabbit hole. I swear I'm going to stop buying dice now. Mostly because it's that or get a bigger dice bag.

Today's shenanigans include: unfuckening the house (again), today's Instant, and 500 words towards this week's total goal of 78K in KOSBOB.

Let's see if I get far enough ahead to work on that thing in Minecraft.