Survivor Guilt

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Challenge #03283-BONUS009: Breaking it Down

"I was there, in the midst of the firefight, that damn song on full-blast but it kept me pissed, hate that song now. Most of my closest friends are dead. My lover... they're gone, too. Yeah, I could've gotten an arm that looks real, skin that looks real, and not look like a patchwork doll, but I didn't want it. I can't... I don't want to forget that war, brief as it was. Even if their screams call out every night. I was one of the unlucky ones. I lived. I miss my friends....."

A soldier talking to their therapist who was helping them deal with the massive amounts of PTSD after the fight against Those Bastards. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Content warning for the horrors of war]

Lem had been on Evac patrol when Those Bastards turned everything to shit. First order of business was always to protect the civilians. Riko had launched with the cargo bay open and activated the Hungry Caterpillar as the doors eased closed, desperate people clinging to the exterior.

Lem remembered one throwing their baby into the Caterpillar's horrifying maw. Then making a religious gesture and taking a literal leap of faith. The Caterpillar was busy, and didn't prioritise anyone.

Lem remembered the sound as that parental bounced. So many were falling, but that one had been hir lover.

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Challenge #03004-H081: Guilt of the Survivor

I was a trained soldier, I taught others how to fight.

I was a trained soldier, I taught others how to escape.

I was a trained soldier, I taught others how to kill.

I was a trained .....soldier..... I taught them... how to die well.

A flower was placed upon the stone, tears sliding down their face. Two dozen stones, each one with the same, white and red, flower, upon it. The old man's head bowed. His caretaker, a gentle havenworlder, placed

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Challenge #02580-G023: Just One

Human Bear was sitting on the ramp of his Bodge Job repairing a few new holes on one of the arms of his Live Suit courtesy of a particularly aggressive Predator on the planet they just left. When one of the Crew the creature thought looked like a tasty meal walked into the hanger to express this thanks, Stopped in his tracks at a human not sealed in his Protective Suit. He also noticed a very large very ugly looking scar that

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Challenge #02486-F296: Some of Parts

They used to meet you on arrival and arrange everything for your stay. Now they find valued jobs as Concierges in up-market hotels. The person who knows where to find experts and enthusiasts for Films and Docos. Inspired by a Thomas Cook employee who used to greet VIP's and smooth their path. -- Knitnan

Some people are best at connections. They just... know people. They know another individual who might have the knowledge of the thing. They know a person who knows

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Challenge #02437-F247: Looking For the Light

The human had seen his entire ship destroyed. It had been a sneak attack, an ambush. He fought for hours, it felt like months to him, but in the end, the pirates had overwhelmed them by sheer numbers. The only reason he survived was because one of his crewmates had done a "hail mary" maneuver and jettisoned an engine that had gone critical. The pirates were so badly damaged from that explosion that they were no longer able to go after what

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