Challenge #02573-G016: Cultural Exchange Program

Harvest festival, feast time, Thanksgiving, people have a lot of reasons for sitting to celebrate this time of year. A time to give thanks for what one has in their life, to remember what it is they are thankful for. But, for some, it was just a time to put out a feast and be a glutton, and enjoy it! A person had been researching the Vorax, in fact, their entire race, learning their culture and their ways. Learning that the Vorax was not the race itself but the warriors amongst them. Learning of the farmers, the workers, the entire system the best they could. Then, as it came time for the feast festival, an invitation was sent out to as many as they could invite. They'd saved up a rather impressive amount of Time for this. The food they'd gathered was food they knew the Vorax could eat, and the humans they invited, friends and family, would enjoy as well. The drinks, mild intoxicants that would not inebriate either side but were also completely safe for both sides, along with juices and water, was provided, and the large series of tables were set out. Then, on the appointed day, they awaited the arrival of their guests for the Feast of Giving Thanks. And smiled, the doors to the large place wide open, looking forward to this moment. -- DaniAndShali

Contrary to all the opinions of those originating from the United States, and their deep-time colonies, Thanksgiving is not a universal concept. Many mistake otherwise ordinary harvest festivals for their unique phenomenon of Thanksgiving. The spirit of egocentrism is strong in many Human cultures. Such an egocentric Human has found out about the Thranityr... the species who are the origin of the Vorax.

There were, of course, the travelling raiders called the Vorax. There were the farming caste, the Chakkyn. The manufacturing caste, the Thekkar. The Honyk were the builders, and it went on and on. Each with their own language, each with a tenuous peace with the other castes. Each with a rather... interesting relationship with any neighbouring Humans and their colonies.

Galactic Society often uses the fact that Humans willingly make alliances with Vorax as definitive evidence that Humans, as a species, are insane. Humans point to this conclusion and accuse Galactic Society of being a bunch of ignorant bigots. Some things cannot possibly change, but Human Kon is determined to at least try to change things anyway. His bright idea? A shared festival feast. Food, after all, brought people together. The festival, chosen with typical Human egocentrism, was Thanksgiving.

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