We went to visit Capt. S in the hospital. She's had a close encounter with something sharp and infectious. It could be one of the snakes that populate the entire country - a relatively harmless one called the swamp snake.

By "relatively harmless", I mean "shouldn't kill you if it bites you". This is Australia. You can still wind up in hospital from a "relatively harmless" snake bite.

It could have easily been anything else sharp and infectious. A burr, a bit of branch, anything. Because wandering around in swampy land to capture bird photos is full of its own risks. So now there's an infection and Capt. S is on antibiotics and she still can't walk properly on that foot because the swelling is that intense.

So yeah, it took all day to pop by, have a chat, and drop off art supplies because being stuck in hospital firkin sucks.

So that destroyed the heck outta my plans for yesterday. Today? I try that nonsense again. Whee!

But first - fiction.