Day off? Not so much.

Today is a long weekend day, because there's nothing Australia loves more than an extra day of sloth. Not for me, though.

Me? I have half a table's worth of vegetables and a whole bunch of meats to cook up into an incredible bunch of pre-prepared meals so that myself and anyone else feeling lazy and not in a cooking mood can just heat and eat some keto-friendly joy.

There happens to be a LOT of fish in our collective inventory, so I'm getting my Omega Three this month. Technically, this fortnight, given how long the last spate of prepping went.

I also have to look up how to cook some of said fish, just to be certain I do it right. Looking up tasty fat bombs might help quiet my noisy knuckles, since I apparently need fats and oils in my diet.

Prepping meals has helped me actually have a healthy diet and I have noticed an uptick in my ability to Do The Thing, so I'm perfectly willing to pay one day's exhaustion for two week's worth of healthy eating.

Who knows? I might actually get back into making family dinners after a while.

But first - fiction.