Challenge #02555-F365: It's So Relaxing

Oh, I can't really handle all the excitement and action in FPS, especially the PVP ones. I much prefer simulation games, like Frost Punk! You build your little town, and manage resources, and try not to let all your people freeze to death or starve or something. Nice, relaxing fun. -- Anon Guest

Humans love to play. Their play takes every form you could imagine and some that seem incredibly unlikely. Some play involves flinging themselves physically at obstacles, off obstacles, or around obstacles. Sometimes, it's all three at once. Some Humans play by gathering in one room together and arguing in between bouts of moving small objects around on a table. Our Human... the Human for the Wandering Trader, Human Dai, plays by interacting with computer screens.

We have tried to understand this. We do not understand this. Human Dai appears to be having fun and relaxing, but... it looks so much like their shipboard duties that we have... concerns. It is necessary for a Human to have fun or they begin to suffer. If they suffer, we all suffer the consequences. We must look after our Human.

Companion Zogh was the one who chose a day to accompany Human Dai at his play, watching and attempting to analyse him at his play. Determining whether or not it actually was play. Human Dai's chosen array of playing screens was large and colourful and the contents did not appear to match the usual Human entertainments of explosions and flashing colours. This was truly perplexing. "You do not make things go boom?" they asked.

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