New Year of Stories!

Yesterday was the last story of 2019. Now I go to write the first story of 2020. Just as soon as I finish my blog for today.

I've started up with to see where my mind doth wander and whether or not this is actually going to help me focus on my writing. Current results say no.

I have a month free trial, and I'm going to use it. If it doesn't help me in one way or another in a month? It's probably not going to do that ever.

How it works: You wake your little author self up in the AM and open the site. You make an entry of at minimum seven hundred and fifty words, just a stream of thought about what's up your butt, the plns of the day, and so forth. When you reach 750 words, you get some interesting analytics about where your psyche is. Also a rating for the general public.

It's interesting.

My PLNs for today are to watch the heck outta The Mandalorian and spot when it starts riffing on Lone Wolf and Cub. Because I reckon that's going to happen.

But first, the first story for this year has to happen. Let's go do that.