Challenge #02506-F316: Put a Saddle On

Havenworlders, depending on where they're from, are generally small, fairly lightweight, and fragile. On their own homeworlds, they have little to fear. But outside their own homeworlds, there is a vast array of things that can harm them even when just trying to get around. However, one group of Havenworlders find an interesting way to go around the space station without risking getting stepped on, or harmed. They ride on the back of their new, well loved, and very well trained animal they call "Horse." Humans have to correct them, it's a Great Dane. Which, some humans admit, is as big as a small horse. -- BridgetK

Firrit had a pet. If you could call it a pet. It was also a mount and, in lieu of a friendly Deathworlder escort, a bodyguard and helpmeet for interstellar travel. The animal - and it was definitely an animal - was named Horse. That was, after all, her primary function - to act like a horse for Firrit to ride whenever he went into spaces shared by non-Havenworld species.

As far as names went, it was very serviceable. Horse was well-trained by a different animal handler and had learned some basic GalStand commands and would respond to handling via reins. The extra bulk of Horse's presence helped other, larger species recognise that -yes- Firrit was there. Or, for some Deathworlders, that Horse was there.

The Human currently paying attention to Horse had lapsed into some primitive mode of communication not easily translated into GalStand or GalSimple by Firrit's HUD. "Aaaww wookit da cute ol' puppy... hoozagoopuppyden? Hoozagoopupper? Yoosagoopupper! Yessooiz! Yessooiz!"

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