Wore My Grubs

I have been rattlecanning in the pale light of the dawn, with ominous, dark, thick clouds threatening rain.

Nice thing about putting a thin coat of primer on things is that one coat is dry before you've finished futzing about with the camera to take photos. So I got all my layers done and documented the progress for my peeps on Patreon next week. Woot.

I shall be further futzing about with base colours later on today. Energy pending. My practice dude currently has a bit of paper tape over his head so he looks a bit like a political prisoner at the moment. Later on, I'll be working on the actual colours to go on and documenting that.

For those of you following the Car Saga(tm), I haven't received any news beyond "we're trying to figure it out". So that's that part of my nonsense.

But first, I owe all of y'all some content.

Story first, shenanigans second.