I got a phone call yesterday afternoon and my car is free from limbo. It was an oxygen sensor and they say they've fixed it. A test-drive will make sure. I figure if nothing's fucked up by the time I've gone full circle by way of Costco, then nothing's fucked up.


So today's schedule includes unfucking the house, rescuing-testing my car, and potentially seeing how white applies to Practice Dude A.

I would also like to get my hands on some gold and silver paint for potential drybrushing for armour effects and a nice metal look for other noise.

Look at me with all this technical talk. It's like I know what I'm doing. 'Tis to laugh, hahaha.

IF I get my car back, my afternoon will be filled with assorted rattling about. The deep fryer needs its oil changed because cooking anything in there now results in clouds of toxicity. I will also be chasing down citadel-compatible metallics and a halfway decent lacquer for the finishing layer.

Good thing I have a local source for some of that info. I know for a fact that the cheap lacquer I got from a dollar shop is sticky as hell and no good for a mini. I shall learn.

This has kind of been fun. I can see why some peeps like to do this all the time.

I have half an hour before I must make sure Chaos gets on the bus. Indulgence time!