Challenge #02393-F203: Ill Met in a Summoning Circle

I can't believe no one's asked you for this before, but a Crossover please...? -- AmberFox

[AN: Betwixt whom? I'm picking my Unlikely Heroes and Shayde because she can wind up anywhen]

They had arrived two minutes past the nick of time. The demonic cultists had succeeded in performing their ritual, summoning a being from a realm beyond their understanding. The portal was open and a humanoid figure was in the middle of resolving itself in the centre of the arcane diagram.

"Oh shit," muttered Wraithvine, who usually never swore. "This is final encounter territory." They had a cache of spell pearls in a special pouch and this was one of the times they desperately reached for it.

Lady Anthe readied all her throwing knives. Melvin checked his weapons and shield for readiness. Steelfoot readied her more powerful destructive weaponry. Rumtum got out their battle-ready set list. They could try killing the summoner, but that would mean that the creature they brought into the mortal world would be wild and free to do as it whist.

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