Beloved stayed home, yesterday, and helped me out with making the frame to make a junction box to finish the walkway so we can finish the cat cage.

I'm in the middle of painting it, and I still believe it would go quicker if the whole thing was suspended somehow so I can get to the most territory in the least amount of time.

It shouldn't need to go as far as me building a rig, but I do need to work out how and when I'm painting on my own.

The fun toys I'm playing with today include: staplegun, angle grinder, bolt cutters, aviary clip pliers, and the seemingly mandatory paintbrush and pot.

The PLN includes the usual write-a-little/work-a-little, and that means that the Instant this morrow may appear later in the afternoon than it usually does. There will be stuff for the Patreon, and again, it will likely happen later in the afternoon.

To that end, I should get a rattle on with the work-a-little part of my PLN instead of spacing out on Tumblr.

Story... soon enough.