Okay... More Nonsense

So. I successfully applied a second layer of paint to the box frame. I successfully stapled the lattice at the top of the cage. I successfully cut a piece of wire mesh to size and trimmed the edges with an angle grinder and cut notches in it for the struts of the box.

...just... not quite to size.

I gotta do more grinding to make it fit properly and that's cool. It's cool. It shouldn't take more than half an hour to get the notches done.

...watch. It'll take all firkin day.

Once that's done... There's dynabolt nonsense to sort out which I have been forbidden to do alone because something fuk'd up with the hole size versus bolt size and we probably need whatever passes for spackle when you're working with mortar.


OTOH, I can still get a bunch of stuff done, even if it's fitting a mesh plate to a wooden frame so that Kittycat has a floor and a turn-around space in the walkway.

Once the box is done and in place, then the walkway will be halfway done! Yay!

How the heck we're going to work out the catflap box is something I can't unriddle. Yet. It will definitely involve painting a wooden frame and measuring some wire mesh to fit.

Onwards to the insanity...