Challenge #02341-F151: The Perils of Convenience

Imagine a Shop for Adventurers that sells nearly everything.

Including Scrolls to Talk to other Races and even with Animals and invokal Things.

Of course those Scrolls have a Price, however they can be found on Dead People or in the Dungeon. -- Anon Guest

The chain was called Infinite Needs, and catered exclusively to Adventurers. The secret was that each pokey little shop front lead to a pocket dimension of a warehouse that was, theoretically, endless[1]. The shop had already lost points with Lady Anthe because of a sign at the entryway. _All classified Small creatures must ride in the trolley seat.

Wraithvine had had to employ a cardboard barrier to stop her and Rumtum from battling each other, and put a Geas on Marvin to stay within sight of Wraithvine at all times. If the stock wasn't so blessedly convenient, none of them would have been otherwise bothered. With the help of a Location Disc, they didn't need to endlessly roam the plane, nor retrace their steps via respooling the twine. At least, they didn't need to do that often.

"I want a sausage," grumbled Rumtum. Unseen on the other side of the opaque barrier, Lady Anthe was making a mock of him by flapping her hand like a mouth and pulling faces. "And don't tell me I can keep wanting. I'm hungry."

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