We have all the upright posts marked, and I am prepared to put the notches in. Yay. We have a week of sunshine-ish weather in the cards, so we might get the concrete in. I hope we can do this because my impending kitty is a week away from being allowed away from her mum.

I got one good day to get as much notching done as I can. Because the next step is construction. We have nuts and bolts. We have drills. We have a PLN.

We have a garden bed to move, a footprint to establish, holes to dig... This is going to be the kind of fun that gets me a solid night's sleep for sure.

Meanwhile, I write during the hours in which power tools are forbidden from operating. I have Focus Music on, but all I seem to focus on is scrolling through Tumblr. Sigh.

I gotta get on with my shiznit.