'Tis Saturday. Beloved is home. I have done all that I dast do on my only vis-a-vis wood and cutting holes therein.

There is, theoretically, plenty of time to build most of the dang Kitty Kondo(tm). HOWEVER... I know my Beloved. So far, all weekends to work on the thing have been eaten up by going out to acquire shit. 3/4 of all useful time doomed to travelling to some Hardware Emporium somewhere and faffing about for hours as they decide on artisinal screwdrivers or something.

I'm stressing. I have this weekend and maybe next weekend to get this shit done. I refuse to get my baby meep without the walkway installed and there's no plan or anything, and I have achieved a unique stage of panic where this cat shelter is all I can think about, yet I have no knowledge of what to do, how to do it, or what the next step might be.

So I do what I always do when I'm stressed. I flake out and spend hours just faffing about and otherwise wasting time until someone is around who can help. In brief, spinning my wheels whilst Beloved sleeps.

I need to get on with the Instant Story, minimum, but I've fallen down Tumblr like five times already.