Challenge #02320-F130: Little Souvenirs

Tattoos are a big part of some Human cultures.

Others see it as an expression of their youth.

And some see it still as a thing, that should only be worn by prisoners and sailors.

How react Aliens (especially Havenworlders and other Deathworders) when they first make contact with a Human and their tattoos? -- Anon Guest

Human Stef was favouring their right arm, being very careful about it colliding with random surfaces. This was not the first time that the Human had returned from shore leave with hints of an injury. Human Stef called them hir 'little souvenirs', and otherwise seemed happy about them.

Then again, Humans were insane... Nevertheless Xoryq was concerned. "Human Stef, are these souvenirs of yours long-term damaging? Must we be concerned for your extended health?"

Human Stef laughed as they laughed at most things. "Nah, don't fret too hard. I just got some more ink." It took some time for Human Stef to explain and more time for Xoryq to understand. Every single one of Human Stef's 'little souvenirs' was a form of body-modding art traditional to the local area.

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