A Day of Rest

Sunday. As far as I'm aware, we have no plans. Which means I have a chance to go nowhere and do nothing. It's a rare treat to have that.

Beloved and I have designed the skeleton of the future Kitty Kondo(tm) and we will be making plans to go to a Tradie's shop during the week so we can acquire all the mats.

That's "materials" for anyone who's never played World of Warcraft.

Next on the agenda is designing the walkway that's going to go between the cat door and the Kitty Kondo(tm). It's going to involve some support struts and stuff, but we want to be sure a mower can get under there. Knowing the mats we need for that would be cool, too.

Getting all the ducks in a row kind'a sucks when the one place that could give you the ducks is not open during convenient hours. Sigh.

I've had too many carbs over the weekend - I can feel it in my fingers. So I'll be going strict Keto for a smidge. Meanwhile, my family and I tried Hoggies Burgers and I lost half a kilo. Doubleyou. Tee. Eff.

I know nothing about everything. This is proof.

And now... fiction. The one thing I'm good at.