Not a Sausage

Aussie polls used to have cake stalls. They used to have craft fairs and stuff to earn money from the school where they were. Up until really recently, there was only a sausage sizzle as a fundraiser.

You can't get a snag at the polls any more. Dangit.

Thank goodness for Bunnings, which knows where the money's at.

I did not vote for Jon Snow, King in the North. It was a close thing. The really close thing was deciding which one of the THREE fucking racist arseholes gets to be last on my poll.

Unfortunately, being a fucking racist is the way to go in Aus. Sigh. Sometimes, I hate this country.

BUT I got that done and lined up the flu jab for Miss Chaos. Now all I have to do is wait for Mayhem to recover from his Lurgi and then get his jabs.

Beloved has a negative reaction to the flu shot, so it's up to the rest of the family to protect them from the nastiness by being immunised ourselves.

Vaccinate. You can protect the people you love with that noise.

Stories soon.