Challenge #02253-F063: A Little Support

Havenworlders learn about same-gender-Relationships.

Yeah go from there wherever you are comfortable. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I'm glad you said that, OP]

Evolution is a funny old thing. It is driven - if one can call a system based around random mutations, chance, happenstance, and incidental accidents 'driven' - by the concept of preserving the next generation so that more generations will happen. On Deathworlds, this means that there has to be a portion of the population ready to nurture young that has been abandoned or has otherwise lost its parents. In brief, homosexuality is part of Nature's Plan.

At least, it is on Deathworlds. Havenworlds, with less in the way of progress, so to speak, have less need for spare bonded pairs that are otherwise unable to breed[1]. Therefore, the so-called 'gay gene' has less necessity on Havenworlds. It is far rarer to see Havenworlders who bond within their own gender. Rarer still, for there to be any issue concerning gender identity.

It's also less of a cause for alarm, rather, it's more of a 'pressure release valve' of Evolution to prevent overpopulation by the bonded pairs who can - and do -breed. So, when Thys met Human Dan's husband, there was only a moment of mild confusion at the Youth Education Centre.

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