Fun was had...

The game sesh ended closer to eleven so we managed to get home just before it was AM, but probably not by much. The usual nonsense of being unable to sleep struck. AGAIN. And my arse was awake at like 4 in the morning after only getting to sleep at minutes in the morning.

It's almost midday, I haven't done anything, and I need mor sleep.

BUT - there's also another game night tonight in which we're all playing in Virtuality so... yay I guess. I do like new experiences but I might be a slight bit ragged by tomorrow.

I've begun the third and last circuit on the base of my TangleBag(tm) as it is about the right length when compared to the hessian bags I have laying around at home. The end result is going to be a little bit bigger, but I can deal with that.

In a day or two, I will be implementing my own solution to the right-angle problem. It will probably be completely wrong and every single crochet person will jump on me and tell me fifteen different ways to do it better.... But this is my TangleBag(tm) and I'm doing it my way.

I'm going to do my stories now and hope to catch a nap before game time tonight.