We Play Dungeons and Dragons!

Mayhem finishes early, this afternoon. As does Beloved's work.

Beloved will be heading homewards early. Mayhem will be headed homewards early. Chaos... still has her regular hours.

I have to work pretty fast today if I want degaussing time tomorrow. Especially considering that tomorrow has even more potential social gaming time with friends of Beloved, this time in virtuality.

I am the nerdy gaming nerd. Bow to me.

Not much progress on the TangleBag(tm), though I am taking daily progress pix for later display over on my Patreon [give me some money, pls?] ahem, ahem, cough, cough.

I have plugged in my headphones, tuned in to Brain.Fm, and minimised all the stuff I don't need right now.

I got an Instant Story, a Flash Fanfiction, and roughly eight hundred words to do before 3PM. All with interruptions long about midday.

More so if I encourage Mayhem to get himself a cheapie tablet so he doesn't have to use my old Gen2 iPad, which is slowly dying the death. I'll give him the option. I know he has the firkin money.

Let's see how far I get today.