Challenge #02252-F062: Compensation to be Negotiated

I read a post from you a while ago (which i loved, thank you for that^^), where there was a lunatic, psychopathic, blood-spilling cat-lover on a station.

Can you please write a sequel of it, like if he is on a ship with a crew and it got attacked and goes full head on Berserker/Shizo-Mode (e.g.when a cat got hurt) and he wipes them out.

But goes back to being creepy friendly next second and pats his cat with blood/brain/bonefagments splattered all over him.

Please continue his story. -- Anon Guest

[AN: This tale harkens all the way back to this splendid tale about Mr Sunshine and his love of felines.]

Mr Sunshine[1] was both on loan to Tenrathi Station and on his day off when the Vorax attempted to invade. Since it was his day off, he was out in the most picturesque park painting portraits of the local felines, Skitties and naturally-sourced alike. He looked like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. In fact, even as the klaxons and diverse alarms sound, he remains calm. Meditatively rendering the stripes on a tabby with loving attention to detail.

This tabby had odd eyes, and was therefore deaf in one ear. This might have been why the livesuited Vorax invader was able to get close enough to stand on the poor creature's tail. The cat yowled, scampering off at something approaching either warp speed or true teleportation. Mr Sunshine glared at the interloper. "You hurt Ms Tibbles," he said.

It was the tone that made the Vorax invader pause. Or rather, the lack of tone. Mr Sunshine had made a statement of fact, that was true. He made it without inflection, without emotion, with every indication of normalcy. It was the same neutrality accomplished by shop staff wishing you a good one or asking if one preferred paper or plastic. An additional statement of fact gave the Vorax even more pause. It was, "She's one of my favourites."

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