Challenge #02053-E229: Bohemian Nights

(Title: Bohemian Rhapsody: A Space Opera) [what happens when the night-owl Humans take over the interstellar comms] -- Anon Guest

[AN: Can you please not have your titles be part of my prompts? It fucks up my routine to a rather major degree.]

Dead air. Silence. These things are anathema to the human mind. To them, there is such a thing as too quiet. Lock a Human in an anechoic chamber and they will go mad... And this was why the Party Line was invented. To keep Humans from going insane in the silence of the too-quiet hours.

It took thirty seconds for it to become a writhing pit of memetic perpetuation.

"Is this thing on?" said a voice in the darkness. "Can anyone hear me?"

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