I Just Wanna Goof Off

What I gotta do:

  • This blog
  • Instant story
  • 1000 words so I can get up to 15K in B'Nar
  • Figure out and obtain a birthmas gift for Mayhem

What I want to do:

  • Space out
  • Play games
  • Watch/listen to Critical Role
  • Sleep more

Not only did I stay up later than normal, last night, but I'm also battling the "nobody wants me" worm-eatin' blues. All because the publishing house I sent Adapting to has not yet got back to me about the thing.

Absence of rejection is not, in itself, rejection. But absence of acceptance is also not acceptance.

I desperately want to be accepted.

Writing's the only thing I'm even good at, so... If I want to make my own way, I gotta sell that.

I'm running out of ideas on how to do it.