Back and Forth

Mayhem's digestive issues are... intermittent. I'm pretty much convinced it isn't the gallbladder any more. And since he's eating meat again without trouble, I can guess that the Gold Coin Grass did its job and last week's flare-up was probably the Ekka Bug.

Fingers crossed.

We'll find out sometime next week whether or not this is going to be a regular thing. At least this time Beloved is in on the loop and (hopefully) won't yell at me for taking Mayhem's word for being cured.


There's a birthday this weekend. Mayhem's seventeen in a few very short days. Almost into legal adulthood.


It's going to involve a lot of treat food. I know this. Including a gourmet pie because my lad's not a big one for cake. If you're going to blow the diet, blow it on the GOOD stuff, I say.

With all good luck, it'll be a good one.

Fingers crossed.