Challenge #02052-E228: Wifi Fhtagn

We have found it... The mythical artifact of legendary power, rumored about since the 21st century... And now, after all this time, we have found it! The best wifi in the universe! -- TheDragonsFlame

It was small, and sleek, and had two antennae that made the whole thing look like an ascii-faced robot. Humans would easily see the 'face' and declare it as 'cute' or 'a little bit derpy'. Those not blessed with the capability for pareidolia would only see lights and a line of USB slots.

The entire thing glowed. Even when it was not plugged into a power source. That was how they knew that the thing was from beyond this world. Possibly from beyond this reality. The air had a greasy quality around it and, if it was handled, the person handling it swear it felt as if the object were permitting them to do so.

But in all other things, it was a simple Wifi Modem. It boasted being able to connect to objects within fifty meters, and it did so faithfully. No matter what was between it and the user. Bricks. Other electronics. Re-enforced concrete. A faraday cage. You name it, it broadcast within that range. It even worked with Wifi boosters to extend its range.

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