Challenge #02018-E194: After Math

And then she spoke. She was xir’s friend, xir’s confidant, xir’s companion through thick and thin. She was the one xir trusted above anyone else. But she is also dangerous, deadly, and vicious; a deathworlder before all else, a human at heart. Xir will never forget those three words for as long as xir lives:

“Actually, I can.” -- Anon Guest

[AN: I'm going to take your word on the conjugation of this pronoun, Nonny. I can only handle ze/hir with confidence]

Human Stiv winced at H'rithog's expression. "Don't give me that face. We have air and power to get us to the common shipping lanes. From there, we can contact all vessels in the area. They have their livesuits. They have their survival pods. They're in better shape than we are. If I tried to rescue more than our asses, we all die. It's cold math."

"I had thought your kind were empathetic."

"There's empathetic and there's knowing what the stakes are. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Our long-range comms are out. So are theirs. We are everyone's best shot. You want to waste air arguing about this or do you want to actually fix the problem?"

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