Deeeeep Breath...

Today is possibly the first day where I don't have to go out and do anything or spend any money.

Well. Apart from the option of brat-fetching late in the afternoon.

My life has been turned upside-down this week because Mayhem's suspected gallstones [we still have to see whether they is or they aint] have had me all over everywhere like a mad knitter's stash.

So I forgot a few things. Didn't get around to a few things. And am madly using today to catch up with things.

I'm still gathering Beta Readers for Clockwork Souls. So far I have my minimum of three. Fingers crossed they all get back to me at the end.

And today, I finally get my finger out of the divot and do the things I've been setting aside. Looking into TOR, getting up AR&E, seeking agents who are into my weird thing, writing this week's Wordpress Wednesday and maybe nailing down the structure of B'Nar.

That's the working title. I might come up with a better one as the novel grows.

Taking a week to world-build has been beneficial. Also making half an hour to devote to plotting things through has worked to flesh out a world when I didn't even have time to scratch my arse, this week.

Take note, wannabe writers. Give yourself half an hour to devote to putting down SOMETHING about the project in your head. Work out action/consequence. Figure out how the cleaning and laundry gets done. Work out what happens to the waste. Even if that minutia never gets into the finished work, you know that it's part of the infrastructure.

Worlds can be built in seven days, but writing a whole book about them takes longer.

And sometimes, it's little details that stand out to your audience.

It's time to watch for Chaos' bus. More stuff soon.