Distracted, Disorganised, Disgusted

Distracted: The Adventure Zone graphic novel has dropped, and people are sharing all kinds of shiny shit.

Disorganised: Since I'd rather look at those shiny things, I am not on my A-game. At least I posted the first Blast already.

Disgusted: Miss Chaos didn't want to be awake this AM, and decided to curl up and sleep ON THE TOILET FLOOR. Save that shit for eighteen, miss.

I gave her a rude awakening and I sincerely hope it sticks, this time. One one-minute cold shower should certainly inspire some quicker action in the future.

This is what happens when I'm wiped out from ferrying Mayhem around between doctors and I trust Beloved to pick up the parenting slack. Chaos stays up late, Chaos doesn't want to get moving in the morning, and I have to freaking force her to get moving.

I'm going to install an alarm on her phone. So I don't forget. So she doesn't forget. Bedtime is bedtime for a reason. This morning, she's getting a lecture.

Today, all going well, I shall demonstrate the flow rings and Mayhem will be home recuperating. He held down a Maccas meal, which doesn't improve my mood this morning. And I have to drag him off for a note for Wednesday and today and possibly tomorrow.

And I have to get some cash out of the bank so I can pay the poor beleaguered mower guy for his hard labour. That can happen when I'm doing the doctor run. AND it's a cleaning day.


All that and organising food, too.