Challenge #02016-E192: Minder's Manners

“Why not?” Is probably one of the most dangerous questions in a humans repertoire, ESPECIALLY when followed by the response “Because fuck you that’s why.” -- Anon Guest

Humans are a contrary bunch. Obstinate. Stubborn. Determined. Tenacious. And most definitely vexatious. They ask questions. The second most-annoying question in the Human repertoire is, "Why?" But number one on the list is, "Why not?"

"Because I don't want you to," is not a sufficient answer. Humans much prefer reasons that make logical sense to their illogical minds. Inconvenience to the individual can be understood, but only by Humans from certain worlds [see reference list: Worlds of Understanding Humans] others will insist that their client "grow a thicker skin". And insist on assisting with that impossible goal.

When in doubt, explain things by financial cost. Humans hold a great store by what they can earn, and therefore will go out of their way to preserve profits. Though the interpretation of 'profit' differs from Human to Human. But it was Threll of Ch'minga who made the ultimate mistake.

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