Travel All Over the Countryside...

[Ask the Leylands, ask the Leylands...]

You have to be (a) Australian, and (b) a certain age to understand that joke. The Leyland Brothers was a docuseries in my youth featuring the titular brothers and their jeep adventures all over our wide brown land. To this day, I still refer to doing the royal run-around as "a Leyland's tour."

Yesterday was seeing the doctor, making appointments, and doing more shopping. The day before was seeing assorted doctors, getting scans done, and stocking up on whatnot. Today is driving Mayhem around to even more assorted doctors for tests, and a stop for Unsuitable Food (tm) for Mayhem because he's fasting all morning.

I have been attempting to move a set of four flow rings to Chaos' school and the conversation via comms book went like this (summarised):

Me: I got my hands on some Flow Rings, do you want?
Them: TF is a flow ring?
Me:I can show you. Tomorrow cool?
Them: Nah. Come on Thursday.
Me: Sure thing. Would like a time window tho.

Which is great for me because I have a set of medical tests to usher Mayhem through this morning. Fun times. And they're both fasting tests, so my boy is going to be miserable until the moment he gets his hands on those Maccas.

He keeps saying he can keep Unsuitable Food down and feel better for it. We tried plain chips, yesterday, and he threw them up. I'm not going much further than the dollar menu or a kiddies' meal this time. For starters, my money is running out! That, and I really don't want him to gorge on crap.

I'm wearing two pairs of socks, my uggs, thermal shirt and the infamous knitted TOOB. And I'm still feeling the cold.

Springtime, where art thou?