Challenge #01847-E023: The Only Sensible One

"We are a crew of 7 persons : 2 deathworlders, 4 havenworlders and a sentient AI. The havenworlders are the scientist and the AI is the medic. I'm the only human and the security officer. What is my problem ? Well, let me think about it... . The captain is an adrenaline junky who might send the ship in a high danger zone just for his rush, the doc is obsessed with humans, and the havenworlders are just... too curious without self-preservation instincts.... Two days ago one of them found and lit a flare because "it's pretty". Inside the ship.

Did you ever feel like you are the last sane man on the ship ?" -- Anon Guest

I used to joke that I'm not the security chief, I'm the ship's mother. It's... not a joke any more. Or at least, it's stopped being funny. I'm looking after four little tiny bird people with breakable damn bones whose first instinct with cliffs is to jump off and go, 'wheee!' And I'm one of those species for whom that instinct is a bad thing. Then there's Grox. A heavy-worlder who can do that sort of thing, bounce, and laugh about it after.

Let's just say I added wing and parachute capabilities to my livesuit and leave it at that. And then there's Bosco. Well. I call them Bosco. Their actual designation has way more letters and numbers than I care to pronounce. The most pronounceable part of it sounds something like 'Bosco' and it took us two entire Standard Months to work that one out. Bosco's an AI. One of the ones where their creator actually aimed for that output and not -say- a Deuteronomy situation where a Nae'hyn got bored and made a baby. Like. Out of spare parts.

Bosco's technically a medical probe? Their mind and memory are in a back-up black box set-up with remote connectivity to their body of the day. Technically speaking, Bosco can teleport anywhere within comms range, so long as there's a body there. Ze has a cosmetic form, which is sort of humanoid if you like Daft Punk mixed in with Metropolis and deliberately on the non-human peak of the Uncanny Valley. Oh, and all of hir exploration bodies are (a) organic (b) disposable and (c) capable of being shot from the ship and surviving a sub-orbital cannonade.

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