Streemit is down. Again.


Well. For various reasons, I have four stories in my queue that will turn up at a later date. And a list of six stories that I shall have to queue up at a later date.

And a story to write today. And a chapter of Over the River to post for the lovely folks of AO3.

And I have to do it all soon because trip to see Capt S.

So of course I have my usual focus issues of wanting to look at Shiny Elf pictures instead of keeping my mind on what I should be doing. And letting cute, fluffy, flesh-eating plotbunnies cross my path rather than focussing on my actual job.

Normal services will resume as soon as I figure out the new 'normal'.

On the vague plus side, I did finally manage to spend my Irresponsible Money. I got myself two movies and an album. Not bad value, but definitely weird tastes.

Enjoy the weird stuff, kiddies. Your entertainment budget will thank you.