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Getting The New Swing

Today, I have a shrink appointment. I'm not leaving my house for this, neither is my shrink. We're using telecommunication technology to do the thing that used to be done in person.

I'm still procrastinating about getting my flu shots because the plague is still rife and that's one of those things that necessitate going in person to get. You need medical experience to jab someone with vaccines, you know.

The cold is starting to creep into the mornings and it's getting trickier and trickier to get out of bed in the AM. At least, thanks to the fancy-arse toilet seat we own now, that's one early morning shock that I can escape. Soon, we will be turning the AC to "warm" rather than "cool". The turning of the seasons with climate control.

Patreon stuff will be happening after I Zoom with my shrink, so I have a couple of hours to get the Instant out regardless.

Beloved is getting deep into the Work-at-home life in that they spend most of the morning sound asleep, and are rapidly shifting away from daylight as work hours. Life gets interesting when the commute is no longer a factor.

Speaking of commutes, I shall have to venture out into the wilderness in an attempt to gather cream so I can continue to have delicious coffee.

Memo - Dollop or "double" cream has been thickened with super gelatine and is OK for cooking with, but lousy for lightening your cuppa. In chunks up in there.

Anyway, I'm keeping off the news for today. Best to approach the madness later on. Things seem to be calming down except in the US, where the clusterfuck continues to cluster and fuck.

This week's Wordpress Wednesday will definitely be about preventable disasters and the second-best time to act. I may even get to that early. I don't know.

I've been having trouble with the video nonsense and Chaos' house project, so I need to figure out WTF with that noise before I can finalise something ready for presentation.

What sanity project I work on is entirely dependent on how much sanity I have at the end of the day.

Onwards to the daily insanity...

Challenge #01931-E107: What Does it See?

...I gazed into the sun. You would not see it unless you were looking, but it was there. There was a pupil, an iris, cornea... Then... the sun... blinked. -- Anon Guest

It took less than a second. Just like any blink you or I may know. Nobody else saw it because you just don't look at the sun unless you want to risk going blind. Plus this is the sort of thing that you could literally blink and miss.

There had

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Challenge #01847-E023: The Only Sensible One

"We are a crew of 7 persons : 2 deathworlders, 4 havenworlders and a sentient AI. The havenworlders are the scientist and the AI is the medic. I'm the only human and the security officer. What is my problem ? Well, let me think about it... . The captain is an adrenaline junky who might send the ship in a high danger zone just for his rush, the doc is obsessed with humans, and the havenworlders are just... too curious without self-preservation instincts.... Two days

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