Challenge #01836-E012: Debunked Beliefs

Non-human sentients are used to thinking of humans as impossibly durable daredevils of highly questionable sanity. However, historical human science fiction, pre-first contact, typically has humans depicting themselves as either ordinary everymen and everywomen in a world full of sentients who were stronger, smart, harder to kill, and/or had space magic at their disposal. Humans were surprised when their cynicism didn't play out. Aliens are shocked that humans could have ever considered themselves as such. -- Anon Guest

"And this one is known as...?"

"Farscape," said the human. "One of the more imaginative ones. The aliens didn't always follow the human-with-bits-on model. Pity the people making it cancelled it."

A figure with a clamshell head and no nose appeared on the screen, the most alien looking alien that the human imagination had concocted for their screens to date. It was beautiful. "Why did they cancel it? This is wonderful."

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