Challenge #01822-D361: Security Overload

With all the fragmentations of humanity, especially the Deregulations, is it a surprise that a collection of old conspiracy theories became a society's Holy Book? -- Bard2dBone

They say, It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you. And for some, they believe that is true. It's easier to believe that there is a large, organised Them behind everything bad than it is to believe that shit happens and the people in charge are more concerned with their own pals and problems than looking after their constituents.

And in such a state of mind, the colony named Truthseeker was founded. Truseek, by the time the Galactic Alliance found it. They had taken every record of every conspiracy they could find. Every possible record of every possible secret society.

The population was dangerously close to being inbred. Fears of lizard people, greys, and alien half-breeds had caused successive witch hunts in the population. The tests for those alleged genetic adulterations were those that could hunt out traits that dictated genetic variance from a rigidly narrow 'normal'. The governing bodies were forced by law and mob rule to share everything they did during their tenure. Back-door dealings were unheard of. Everyone was watching everyone. Cameras were everywhere. Truseek had the best optical equipment in the known universe. And yet... they Believed.

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