Well fuck

Good news: Friendo is back at my place from their adventures.

Bad news: I need new tyres because one of mine found a piece of wire in a parking lot. And the rest are looking a little bit suss.

Really bad news: I swear this nearly killed my Friendo.

It's okay NOW. Don't panic. It's just that when I got the news of the tyre sundering, Friendo just got right up in there and changed the darn thing in practically pit crew times.

Whilst MELTING in the Queensland summer humidity.

Meanwhile, I'm standing around feeling worse than a bump on a log, and fourteen times as useless and very occasionally offering to help in a pathetic little voice.

"No, no, no," says Friendo, whilst gathering a small tidal puddle in the parking lot. "I've got this."

And I am frankly alarmed at all of this but prevented from doing jack about it. There's really only room for one person to change a tyre. So despite my numerous offers, I was deemed pathetic and shoved to the sidelines for the duration.

...and then yelled at for being useless at a later interval 9_9

I can't win.

I've only had two opportunities to change a tyre since I started this whole driving lark [late. At age 30-something] and both times, I had enthusiastic help when I could have plausibly worked it out eventually.

I know how to change a tyre. I just... look really useless and incapable or something and people throw themselves in to help me out. I dunno.

Today's PLN involves Friendo taking advantage of our Netflix whilst we haul arse out to Eastern Tullagawupwup to celebrate the new year. And drag MeMum along for the festivities.

And now I have to schedule some Blasts from my Past and do an Instant Story real quick.