Figuring it out

I got the new Pixel 2, just before the end of the year, and it has been some interesting colours of Hell just to get it to perform properly. Case in point - I'm still getting all of my music on my computer copied to this little devil's storage.

I'm going to have to make a new phone case for the thing, since it's just that little bit bigger than the original. And I have a continuing problem with the headphone jack.

As you may be aware, people like having waterproof phones, and having a headphone jack makes that impossible. The solution - add a dongle that docks your charging port with a headphone jack. Except... it isn't quite a solution.

For a start, I have to reset what my USB port does every time I want to listen to my own shit. Even when I pull the dongle out to do other stuff and put it back in. It's a pain in the butt.

There are, apparently, over-ear headphones that are wireless. I will have to see them to believe that they are painless. If all else fails, I can go with the Smallest Earbuds in the World, and deal with things that way.

Headphones and I do not often get along. My ears are a weird shape or something and every "comfortable" set of over-ear 'phones firkin crushes my cartilage and makes private listening hell. It's so bad that the default comfort level for me is wearing them backwards. Even with the old, cheap, speaker-wrapped-in-foam over-ear models you can still get from the dollar shops. And those are the ones that I can stand to wear for the longest.

Ironically, the more expensive ones with the luxurious padding and the stylistic headbands, the ones with the brand name and the three-figure price tag... the more expensive they are, the sooner they hurt me. I mean, sure, I love the aesthetics of them and all, but... give me the dollar shop 'phones, please. Especially if they can come in wireless. Which I doubt they do.

I'll figure it all out eventually.