Challenge #01763-D302: Cleanup Needed

Never enter an unknown atmosphere without airtight suit. Especially if you are boarding a ship where all the crew and passengers are in airtight suits, one human got a license in chemistry and access to bleach and ammonia. -- Anon Guest

The ships' human was merely there for the alleged good luck that they could potentially produce. It was lucky to have a human on board, and Human George's official role was janitor. Which meant that he had automatic access to the entire ship.

Space pirates always went after the Captain for the overrides. They never thought of the obvious. Not once, in the long history of the Galactic Alliance, did they think of the cleaning staff.

Which was why Human George had such an advantage. He messaged the Captain the instant he saw the ship approaching. Tell all passengers and crew to enter Livesuits. Call it an emergency if you have to. Just do it. And then he spent twenty minutes getting the gear together. Bleach. Vinegar. Ammonia. Rubbing alcohol. Hydrogen peroxide. And his own livesuit, of course. Rated as proof against all the ordinary household chemicals that he was now playing with. He even managed to filch some henna dye from the salon.

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