Challenge #01701-D240: Chosen by Disorder

"When chaos bears fruit, you eat first and think about the stomach ache later." -- RecklessPrudence

It was the only tree that grew sideways. Its leaves were purple. Its fruit was a shade of pink never seen in nature. But this... was not natural. This was a tree that grew in the Realm of Disorder. It stood still in the wind and waved when it was calm. And whenever it rained[1], it danced.

The Lord of Disorder held a Fruit Party whenever the trees like it ripened. And the effects were always... unpredictable. To any bold enough to complain, the Lord would ask, "Did you read the address in the invitation?"

Sal had no idea why she was invited but, having read the instructions, followed them anyway. She rarely got any kind of invitation at all, and this one was not to be ignored. Now, she had to note, her offcut dress fit in. Her strange way of dressing her hair was no more strange than anyone else's. And she was seated primly on a floating chair between the God of War and the Lord of Disorder Himself.

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