Now What?

I've run out of one thing to share with my Patreons. And this happened because I'm too busy doing other shit to fanfic much. Alas.

This week, I'm going to run out of editing chapters to post. The last one will appear on my Patreon this Friday.

I don't think I'll ever run out of stalled fics, so there is that bright point. Maybe. It's getting trickier to pick them, though.

On the other hand, I've posted the first piece of music that I've put together since my minecraft video days, and people can see it if they pledge $5.

...and now I have to come up with another piece for next week.

Maybe when I run out... I just run out. I post things about my life or little minutia about what I do all day when I'm not working on this thing or that. And the answer "spacing out" should not be in there.

Cleaning is not exciting to write about, so that's dead out. And I haven't had the time to do jewellery again. Figuring this out is going to be "fun".

I shall ask my existing Patron, but you can join in the fun at any time. I pepper the link all over the dang place. Come join. You get a lot of sneak previews before I'm done with the final product.

And now, I get on with my day.