Challenge #01700-D237: Tougher Than You Think

So, havenworlders getting a look at this data? Alternatively, Galactic Citizens or Deathworlders from a lower category seeing one of our weak areas (like water requirements) and going "I can do better than that!"

(Same data, but with it in sane units) -- RecklessPrudence

Galactic Society shares some information for free. For example, information on what they deem to be dangerous species. Before the rediscovery of a colony world later named Amity, they shared gathered information on humans so that others could avoid them.

Some people, however, did not take such information in the spirit that it was given.

Thork, Captain/Explorer of the Investigating Journey had found an otherwise ideal world that was infested by humans. They were a sparse population by his judgement[1]. It should be relatively easy to eradicate them. Once he isolated their weakness. He carefully gathered up all available data on humans and concluded that they were vulnerable to both cold and flooding.

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