Challenge #01551-D090: Case Studies in Strangeness

(A scientist's notes while monitoring a human's thoughts)

While trying to focus, the subject held an intense discussion with itself berating itself to focus.

If the scans are anything to go by, it has not enabled the desired effect. -- RecklessPrudence

Everyone knows that humans are insane. The extent of that insanity and the resultant dysfunctions have yet to be completely mapped. Which is why the Centre For Human Studies exist. Sometimes, people are so desperate to know what's wrong with them that they'll sign up to be an experimental subject.

Today, it was Focus In Cogniscents for D'rex. Watching the brainwaves of their test subject as they attempted to focus on a simple written exam, in an otherwise empty room. They had the bare minimum of furnishings, as is standard in exam environments.

This proved difficult for test subject Tammy, who is on record has having an attention deficit disorder. Whilst attempting to focus, subject Tammy held an intense discussion with herself, berating herself to focus.

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